‘When your values are clear to you making decision becomes easier’ – wise words from Roy Disney.

In keeping with the spirit of these words, we created CoValue App. A Business and Company Valuation App. The aim and mission of this app is to empower investors and businesses to create wealth.

CoValue is a cloud-based app and enables users to

  • Make Valuation of Companies
  • Analyse what’s built in the Stock Price and understand the gap between Price and Value
  • Create Shareholder Value
  • Decrypt Price Earnings Multiple of Stocks and Indices across the world

The User can either

  • Import a Pre-filled Financial Data of a Listed Company (Presently for >3000 Indian Securities) Or
  • Input their own financial data

and make / compute the business and company valuations. It is possible for the user to share plan data to and from other app users. A user is allowed to create / store up to 1000 plans per module.The App also has a unique feature where you can share your data in the App format with other users of the App.

The App has:

  • Getting Started in the More Section to let you understand how to navigate and use the App
  • Tool Tips denoted by (i) within the App and
  • FAQs on Valuation to support the user to understand or refresh valuation concepts

If you have any queries you may get in touch with us by clicking on Contact Us (More Section of the App) by requesting a call back or requesting us via email.

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