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Making a Bet on Gaming – Koos Bekker Invests in Tencent with Resounding Success!

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Naspers, a company based out of Cape Town, was on the brink of being wiped out of the Chinese market due to a slew of failed investments in China. While the decision of leaving was being mulled over, Goldman Sachs released a report regarding the online gaming market in China. It was clear that there was bullishness in gaming and game developer companies – Koos Bekker saw his opportunity!

Bekker invested in a little known Chinese Internet and Gaming company – Tencent, that was struggling to enter the online gaming scene. He invested $32million in the year 2001, accounting for 33% stake in Tencent. As per a report by Bloomberg, Bekker’s stake in Tencent was worth $66 billion in 2015 – what a way to win the ‘game’!

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